Important & Useful Golfing Tips

Grip - Start by checking out the most suitable grip for you, the one that gives you the best control of the club. This will take a bit of time and effort, but it is vitally important, so start experimenting.

Commit - One must have have an objective on every shot. Without it one plays to just hit the ball. Commitment leads to concentration, and concentration leads to great shots. The next time you are on the course, notice if you have a specific objective before each shot. Most golfers discover that most, if not all of the time, they just hit it. That has to change if you are to play the game you are truly capable of. Perhaps finding yourself under a tree where you need to hit a real low shot with a 4 iron, but only move it 50 yards. This kind of situation heightens commitment, and improves your concentration.

The Clubhead - Everything that happens to the ball is governed by the clubface, and nothing else. Learning to control it is going to give you control of your game. How you stand and how you grip, will have an effect on what you can or can't do with the club and therefore the ball, and that may lead you to hit a regular shape of shot that you have come to accept, but don't necessarily like. Therefore, if that shot is a slice, then unfortunately pulling back your right foot at address will not make it draw, turning more on the backswing will not make it draw, not even attacking it from the "inside" will make it draw, only the clubface position at impact can make it draw.

Exploration and Creativity - Explore everything, from grip, set-up and swing, to trying to hit as many different shots as possible. To truly explore and be creative you must be willing to step right out of your comfort zone and try things that are extreme. Like seeing how much you can hook a 6 iron, or how low it can go, and so on.

Course Management - Having more control of your game means you can navigate your way round the course more effectively. On every shot you must choose your target and shape of shot carefully, to make your next shot as easy as possible.

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