Golf Game Etiquette


  • Pay careful attention to local rules.
  • Adhere to local dress codes.
  • Local notices regulating the movement of golf carts should be observed and adhered to.
  • Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, ensure that no one can be injured by the club, ball or any other object, which may be moved by the stroke or swing.
  • The player who has the honor should be allowed to play before his partner or fellow-competitor tees his ball.
  • Always play without delay.
  • From the second stroke onwards, the player who's ball ended up furthest from the pinhole, should be allowed to play his next stroke first.
  • Keep up with the group in front, not just ahead of the group behind.
  • Allow faster players to play through.
  • Two-ball matches should have precedence over and be entitled to pass any three- or four-ball match, which should invite them through.
  • A single player has no standing and should give way to a match of any kind.
  • Any match plying a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.
  • A player who believes his ball may be lost, to save time, should play a provisional ball.
  • Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found.
  • Place your trolley or bag at a point off the green, near to your route to the next tee – before you put.
  • Ensure that you do not damage the putting green by putting down objects such as bags, or the flagstick.  Players should not damage the putting green by leaning on their putters, especially when removing the ball from the hole.
  • Do not damage the hole by standing to close to it, when handling the flagstick or when removing the ball from the hole.
  • When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.  Fill your score when you get to the next tee, not whilst standing on the green.
  • The flagstick should be properly replaced in the hole before the players leave the putting green.
  • Do not play until players in front are out of range.
  • Never talk or move whilst your partners are playing.  Stand well back.
  • Always rake bunkers after use.
  • Always repair pitch marks, divots, ball marks and spike damage.
  • In taking Practice Swings, players should avoid causing damage to the course, in particular the tees.
  • Shout "Fore!" when you hit a ball towards other golfers.
  • Win or loose, shake hands on the 18th, then head for the 19th.

"Golf alone enjoys an unequalled reputation for courtesy, companionship and the highest regard for fair play."

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